We have the know how and experience to provide you with tailored and expert advice about every aspect of your business. Our flexible and collaborative approach will ensure we can get you the best results. Below are some of the services we offer. This list is not exhaustive. Our team will be happy to talk about any services you do not see here.

Business start-up

If you have a good idea for a new business venture but don’t have the expertise in legal or financial aspects of creating a new business, we can help. This includes creating the right structure and business plan, to completing all registration and statutory requirements.

Management consulting

We can help you run your business more effectively. We check that your business is competitive, focused, and profitable, offering flexible strategies designed to address specific issues affecting your business.

Human resources

The most valuable asset in your business is your staff. We provide a consulting service to help you build and get the best out of your team.


Have you ever wondered how your business performs compared to your competitors? We can provide you with accurate, timely and informative benchmarking reports.


A budget is crucial for a good business plan. It is one of the best business tools we have allowing us to set financial targets and measure performance. We can help you design the right budget for your business.

Cashflow forecasting

Today’s business climate requires you to spend more time working on your business rather than in it. We provide you with accurate, timely and informative cashflow forecasting reports to help you improve your bottom line.

Risk management

An effective risk management strategy will improve performance, allow completion of goals and protect the value of your business. We can accurately assess risk to protect you from vulnerabilities inherent in your enterprise.

Buying and selling your business

Our services incorporate every stage of the buying process – from identifying potential acquisitions through to forecasting the future of the business.

Selling a business can be difficult and arduous. We can relieve that stress for you.

Equipment Finance & Leasing

Leasing (or ‘asset finance’) is a way of purchasing equipment, machinery or other assets without having to pay the full amount upfront.

Leasing business equipment could have a noticeable effect on your business and is worth considering even if you are an established business owner.

Rental Property

We have the expertise to help in a variety of areas in relation to residential and commercial property.

Business valuation

We can provide you with an independent valuation that answers the questions you often need to ask about the value of a business or property.

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