Our aim is to protect and enhance your lifestyle and wealth. We do this by applying specialised and individualised wealth management (financial planning) strategies.

These personalised strategies consider:

  • Structures – superannuation, companies & trusts
  • Investments – listed share specialist
  • Life insurance
  • Asset finance, loans and leasing
  • Personal budgeting
  • Tax planning

Our core values are:

  • Protect assets and income
  • Preserve capital
  • Enhance income
  • Build long term financial and lifestyle success
  • Affect estate planning success

Our unique investment philosophy is the central focus of our wealth creation and retirement strategies. We describe this philosophy as ‘the targeting of realistic annual returns based on available opportunities and your personal objectives’.

We work very closely with you to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of your investments. We provide you with education, transparency, realistic expectations and a high level of engagement.


MoonCunningham is an authorised representative of Libertas Financial Planning Pty Ltd ABN 27 160 419 134, AFSL #429718

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